Professional Adult Christian Education

PACE is a non-traditional accelerated degree completion and diploma program designed for adult learners.
PACE classes have had a profound effect on my spiritual journey...[they have] set me on the path to be all that God wants me to be."


B.A. Counseling & Ministry (PACE), Senior Pastor
I've gained...a biblical lens to make sense of our changing world, and a strengthened relationship with God.


Diploma in Leadership & Ministry (PACE), Children's Pastor
I loved Jesus before. But I fell in love with him in this process.


B.A. Counselling & Ministry (PACE)
Genuine college program in 3 years

Adult learners

You learn differently, as a mature adult. These courses are designed & scheduled for you so you can pursue your career.

One night per week

Tuesday evenings 6 – 10 pm

One course at a time

In a 6-week module

Collaborative learning 

Share your rich diversity of life experience through class interaction.

No memory based exams

Assessments are based on what you bring to the class as a student.

Three academic years to complete

Typical duration of the program…longer or shorter it is generally up to you.

To equip people for effective service and witness for Christ is what we’re about. Your educational experience will help you explore and develop areas of expertise that will be of value for personal journey, career, and ministry opportunities.

Is to meet the unique educational needs of adults who…

  • Are highly motivated to finish their degree or diploma or to pursue a new career or ministry path

  • Wish to complete their degree or a diploma through a conveniently scheduled and accelerated program

  • Have the self-discipline to meet the rigorous demands of this program

  • Desire to study in an environment with supportive Christian faculty

Students in the PACE program will be able to:

  • Complete a Bachelor’s Degree or Diploma in 3 academic years
  • Attend class one evening per week
  • Study in a seminar format that encourages discussion, interaction, and collaborative learning
  • Build cohesive community as they attend classes together
  • Be eligible, upon successful completion of the degree, to continue in graduate study
  • Have the satisfaction that comes from completing a significant educational goal

Each specialization requires 3 credits of Practicum. The purpose of Practicum is to:

  • Develop skills by serving in situations that require application of classroom learning

  • Strengthen communication skills

  • Explore and develop areas of expertise that will be valuable for personal, career and ministry opportunities

For detailed information, check the Academic Calendar


Biblical Studies Diploma

For a deep understanding and appreciation of Scripture

Counselling Studies Diploma

To develop strong interpersonal and people-helping skills

Leadership Diploma

Sharpen your skills as a leader from a biblical foundation

Non-profit Leadership Diploma

I want to start a kingdom charity or help one be better

Christian Ministry Degree Compeletion

A diploma results in a bachelor degree when I transfer in qualified credits

Types of Learning