1. I apply & pay $75
I fill out application form on the website.
2. I request transcript(s) to be sent to ABC
ABC reviews application, transcript(s) & references.
3. I receive letter of acceptance
I apply for student loans (or save tuition).
4. I register & pay for courses and buy texts
I show up to orientation at ABC (or online).

Campus Visit

We would like to meet you and get to know you through a campus visit which can be scheduled by contacting a member or the Enrolment Team over the phone or via email. This is a great chance for you to get to know us and ask any questions you may have.

How to Apply:

Online or Paper Application:

  • In Person – Bring to Enrollment Office. Pay by cash, cheque, debit, credit card.
  • By Mail – Send completed forms with credit card information or cheque.
  • By Fax – Send completed forms with credit card information.
  • By Email – Scan and attach completed forms. Do not send credit information by email. Phone in your credit card information to the Enrollment  Office.

Download the printable Application Package.