I'm janis


It was to complete my degree… “finish don’t be a quitter,” but I got so much more when I got here. I got practical skills for ministry…I deeply feel equipped to go into any sort of church, para-ministry setting and get involved.

This was a good fit because of the connectedness.

I love that the staff are not just high-level high-academic professors. Some are in the business world, some are pastors;…they are not just from one field of life. They bring a lot to the table.

At Home?

Ultimate flexibility for a busy life…for a balanced life

No Traffic / No Delay – rising from bed or returning…straight online in a moment’s time.

You are not alone. Very strong friendships grow along the journey…especially online.

Why PACE@Home?

Designed for you to balance work & studies
from anywhere

One night a week

one course at a time

christ-centered learning online community

live seminar format

3-Year commitment

no traditional examinations

Join students from around North America...and beyond

Biblical studies diploma

counselling diploma

leadership diploma

non-profit leadership diploma

steps to starting

your own charity and gaining leadership skills


  • Three academic years to complete
  • No memory based exams
  • Modular format
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degree completion

bachelor of christian ministries

Gain a degree by transferring in qualified credits
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You're able to take up to 5 courses without having to fully apply.

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