Non-Profit Leadership is designed to provide adult learners with a biblical foundation and non-profit leadership skills.

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Learners will Demonstrate

  1. Growing competency in understanding, interpreting, applying and communicating the biblical message
  2. Understanding and appreciation of the work of God and the Church throughout history and contemporary culture
  3. Integration of biblical, theological and historical truths into their non-profit leadership
  4. Faithfulness in stewarding life as a Christian servant-leader

  5. *This program qualifies for Canada and Alberta Student Loans*

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Course blocks

Course Requirements


  • B3025 Grasping God’s Word (3)
  • B3115 Old Testament Literature (3)
  • B3275 Life and Teachings of Jesus (3)
  • B3325 Christian Theology (3)
  • Bible Electives (6)


  • P3315 Intro. to Non-Profit Leadership (3)
  • P3325 The Effective Organization (3)
  • P3345 Non-Profit Financial Management (3)
  • P3515 Life Planning Strategies (3)
  • P4000 Practicum (3)
  • P4325 Essentials of Board Governance (3)
  • P4335 Strategic Leadership (3)
  • P4425 Spiritual Formation (3)

General Education (15)

  • G3216 History of Christianity I (3)
  • G3217 History of Christianity II (3)
  • G3515 Introduction to Worldviews (3)
  • G4435 Developmental Psychology (3)
  • G4525 Christian Ethics (3)

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Students with sixty (60) or more credit hours from a recognized institution(s), with a grade of “C” or better (GPA of 2.0 or better on 4.0 scale) that fit into their chosen program as transfer credit may qualify for the Bachelor of Christian Ministry degree.