This highly flexible degree program is designed to equip a student to serve the church and promote the gospel. It is designed in the classical English Bible reader tradition, for those who wish to maximize learning in English Bible.

Learners will Demonstrate

  1. Competency in understanding, interpreting, applying, and communicating the biblical message
  2. Appreciation and understanding of the work of God and his Church throughout history and contemporary culture
  3. Desire to reach, teach, and nurture others in the Christian faith
  4. Practice discipline in developing a spiritual life that fosters personal and professional well-being
  5. Articulate the principles of the Stone-Campbell movement within the larger context of Christian history
  6. Willingness to love and serve God and people
  7. Develop the skills and attitudes of a life-long learner

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Course blocks

Course Requirements


Bible (18)

  • B101 Grasping God’s Word (3)
  • B111 Old Testament Literature (3)
  • B121 New Testament Literature (3)
  • B122 Life and Teachings of Jesus (3)
  • B211 The Pentateuch (3)
  • B221 Acts of the Apostles (3)

Theology (9)

  • B231 Christian Theology (3)
  • B333 Christian Ethics (3)
  • B334 Mission: Theology and Practice (3)

Bible/Theology Electives (12)

Professional Studies (41)

  • P100 Field Experience I (4)
  • P200 Field Experience II (4)
  • P300 Field Experience III (4)
  • P101 Spiritual Formation (4)
  • P108 Vocational Seminar (1)
  • P206 Living the Story (3)
  • Electives (21)

General Education (48)


  • G101 Communications Theory (3)


  • G220 History of Christianity (3)
  • G327 North American Christian History (3)


  • G131 Contemporary Thought (3)
  • Philosophy Elective (3)

Social Sciences

  • G245 Psychology of the Family (3)
  • G251 Canadian Sociology (3)

Technology/Science Elective

  • G234 Science, Technology, and Society (3)

General Education Electives (9)

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Future Careers

Equipped for

  • Lead Pastor
  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Preaching
  • Para-church Ministry
  • Discipleship Ministry

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